donkey and elephant with American flags facing off (symbols of Democratic and Republican political parties in the US)

Substance Over Loyalty: Why Americans Prefer Members of Their Own Political Party

August 16, 2023
In a paper published online last month by The American Journal of Political Science, Gregory Huber, director of the Center for the Study of American Politics and chair of the...
Ian Turner photo

Managing Democracy: A Conversation with ISPS Faculty Fellow Ian Turner

July 11, 2023
Maybe money in politics is not such a huge problem? What drives the U.S. federal bureaucracy? Is it really so bad for democracy if highly partisan voters stick with their...
hands placing ballots in a ballot box with an American flag in the background

Racial Identity Explains Presidential Vote Choices More than Geography

July 6, 2023
In the first study of racial voting pattens to examine every U.S. congressional district, CSAP faculty affiliate Shiro Kuriwaki and his colleagues found that race explained...
electoral map of the US

Partisan Gerrymandering Mostly Cancels Out at National Level

June 13, 2023
In a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), Yale’s CSAP faculty affiliate Shiro Kuriwaki and his colleagues at Harvard University...
hand with a channel remote and TV screen in the background

Testing the effects of partisan media on viewers' attitudes

April 13, 2022
Millions of Americans count right-leaning Fox News as their primary source of information about politics and current events. A new working paper co-authored by Yale political...
police officer stopping a motorist on a highway

Fairness key to police officers gaining civilians’ respect

March 17, 2022
Nobody enjoys being stopped by the police. But civilians who believe the officer interacting with them is attempting to behave fairly are more likely to perceive the officer’...
jacob hacker photo with AAPSS logo

AAPSS Fellow Jacob Hacker on Civic Responsibility and the Repair of American Democracy

February 16, 2022
Jacob Hacker, CSAP faculty affiliate and invited Fellow at the American Academy of Political and Social Science (AAPSS) participated in a webinar event, “Civic Responsibility...