CSAP Predoctoral Program Offers Community, Mentoring, and a Crash Course in Research

photo of Professor Allison Harris and Predoctoral Fellow Ja'nae Jackson
January 16, 2024

As a CSAP predoctoral fellow at the Institution for Social and Policy Studies, Ja’nae Jackson works closely with her mentor, Assistant Professor Allison Harris. She participates in weekly meetings with Harris and her colleagues as they discuss current research findings and how to build on their work.

“I am able to see how faculty members brainstorm and come up with different ideas for the next project,” Jackson said. “It gives me confidence to talk with others about my own research ideas, and I know this will be an important process in graduate school.”

Jackson is one of five inaugural predoctoral fellows in a two-year program run in partnership with ISPS’s Center for the Study of American Politics (CSAP) and the Tobin Center for Economic Policy. CSAP is currently seeking applicants for eight new fellows to join this summer.

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