December 2021 News

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CSAP Faculty Help Boost COVID Vaccinations in Communities of Color

December 17, 2021
Faculty experts at Yale – including CSAP faculty affiliates Alan Gerber, Greg Huber, and Josh Kalla – were members of a team partnering with Made to Save, a...
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Research finds limits of party-specific stereotype reports in measuring misperceptions

December 10, 2021
CSAP Director Gregory Huber and former Yale graduate student Lilla Orr have a new publication out, “Measuring Misperceptions: Limits of Party-Specific Sterotype Reports.” ...
image of white evangelical worship service

Unvaccinated white evangelicals appear immune to pro-vaccine messaging

December 7, 2021
CSAP faculty Gregory Huber, Alan Gerber, and Scott Bokemper teamed up with Saad Omer, Director of the Yale Institute for Global Health, to co-author research about white...