Yale leaders talk about COVID-19: FAS Dean of Social Science Alan Gerber

Alan Gerber, Dean of Social Science at Yale University
May 20, 2020

Alan S. Gerber, the FAS Dean of the Social Sciences Division at Yale University, recently sat down with YaleNews for an interview as part of the “Yale leaders talk about COVID-19” series.  The discussion centered around how faculty in the Yale social science disciplines are are responding to the COVID-19 crisis.  Dean Gerber highlights faculty contributions that are helping to improve the design and implementation of public policy responses to the crisis, faculty research that is examining how the pandemic is affecting social well-being as people struggle to cope with the crisis, and faculty who are beginning to explore the long-term implications of the pandemic.

Read the full article at this link.

Alan Gerber, dean of social science in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, is also the Charles C. & Dorathea S. Dilley Professor of Political Science, incoming director at ISPS, and professor of economics and public health.