New Study Identifies the Best Messaging to Encourage COVID-19 Vaccinations

examples of pro-vaccination literature
November 10, 2021

Pro-vaccine messages that appeal to community spirit or evoke the sense of embarrassment people would feel if they were to spread COVID-19 to friends and family are effective in persuading individuals to get vaccinated and encourage others to do the same, according to a new Yale study conducted by CSAP researchers Gregory Huber, Alan Gerber, and Scott Bokemper.

The study, published in the journal Vaccine, incorporates two survey experiments to gauge how a broad range of messages affect people’s intentions to get vaccinated, their willingness to persuade those they care about to get the shots, and their judgments of individuals who decide against receiving the vaccine.

Read the full article by Mike Cummings in the YaleNews (November 3, 2021).