American Politics Graduate Student Workshop

The American Politics Graduate Student Workshop is supported by CSAP and provides a forum for Yale Ph.D. students focusing on American politics to present their work for peer review in an informal setting.

The workshop is currently meeting in person on selected Mondays from 12:00-1:15 p.m. in ISPS Room A001, 77 Prospect Street.  Lunch will be served.

To join the group and receive regular email announcements for this series, please contact Graduate Student Organizer Eric Scheuch.

2023-2024 Schedule

OCT 2 Jack Greenberg, Political Science (2024)
Practice Job Talk
OCT 23

Matthew Dahl, Political Science (2028)
“Fidelity to Law? Profiling Legal Hallucinations in Large Language Models”

Amelia Malpas, Postgraduate Associate, CSAP Predoctoral Program, Yale
“Progressivce House Challengers and the Democratic Party”

DEC 4 Collin Schumock, Political Science (2024)
Practice Job Talk
JAN 22 Eric Scheuch, Political Science (2028)
“Experimental Evidence on the Climate Crisis”
FEB 12 Tylir Fowler, Political Science (2027)
“A Meta-Analysis of the Experimental Populist Appeals Literature”
MAR 25

Isabelle Aboaf, Political Science (2028)
“Political Socialization in the Manosphere”

Carolina Marques de Mesquita, Political Science (2028)
“Let’s Dream Together: Explaining Youth Climate Activism”

APR 8 Kim Moxley, Political Science (2028)
“Research on Lawmaking in the U.S. Senate”