American Politics Graduate Student Workshop

The American Politics Graduate Student Workshop is supported by CSAP and provides a forum for Yale Ph.D. students focusing on American politics to present their work for peer review in an informal setting.

This lunchtime seminar series meets on selected Tuesdays from 12:00-1:00 p.m. in ISPS Room A001 at 77 Prospect Street.

To join the group and receive regular email announcements for this series, please contact the Graduate Student Organizer, Rob Pressel.

2019-2020 Schedule

SEP 17 Matt Graham, Political Science (2021)
“Partisanship, Polarization, and Support for Democracy: Building a Research Agenda”
SEP 24 Baobao Zhang, Political Science (2020)
“No Rage Against the Machines: Anxiety of Workplace Automation Fails to Change Mass Politics”
OCT 1 Luca Bellodi, Political Science (2019)
“Measuring Bureaucratic Reputation from Parliamentary Debates”
OCT 15 Paul Merklinger, Political Science (2022)
“Un-informed about the Uniformed: Determining What Society Knows About the Military”
OCT 22 Lilla Orr, Political Science (2021)
“Biased Perceptions or Biased Instrumentation: Reassessing the Origins and Meaning of Apparent Partisan Stereotypes”
OCT 29 Sam Zacher, Political Science (2024)
“Examining the Structural and Instrumental Power of Business: The US Fracking Boom as Quasi-Experiment”
NOV 5 Angèle Delevoye, Political Science (2023)
“The Last Chance for Facts and Reason? An Empirical Exploration of Democratic Deliberation, from Top to Bottom”
NOV 19

Jack Greenberg, Political Science (2024)
“Not for Policy but for Polity”

Rob Pressel, Political Science (2024)
“Party Insider Status in Congressional Nominating Contests”

Collin Schumock, Political Science (2023)
“Legislative Term Limits and Variation in the State Intergovernmental Transfers”

DEC 10

Gwen Prowse, African American Studies (2022)
“Measuring Propensity for Political Organization Support Among Black Americans”

Jen Wu, Political Science (2022)
“Understanding the Effects of Outgroup Targeting on Panethnic Group Consciousness”

DEC 11*
Annabelle Hutchinson, Political Science (2021)
“Gender Discrimination in Elections and Candidate Choice Experiments”
JAN 14 Baobao Zhang, Political Science (2020)
“No Rage Against the Machines: Threat of Automation Does Not Change Policy Preferences”
FEB 4 Paul Merklinger, Political Science (2022)
“Electing the Warrior: Military Service in United States Elections”
FEB 25 Will Damron, Economics (2023)
“Franchise Expansion in Early New York”
MAR 3 Annabelle Hutchinson, Political Science (2021)
“Gender Inequality in American Politics”
MAR 24 Jen Wu (2022) and Sam Zacher (2024), Political Science
MAR 31 Rob Pressel, Political Science (2024)
APR 16*
Matt Graham, Political Science (2021)
“Wrong. Certain. Misinformed? Evaluating Survey-Based Measures of Political Misperceptions”
APR 21 Angèle Delevoye, Political Science (2023)