American Politics & Public Policy Workshop

The American Politics & Public Policy Workshop series is cosponsored by the Yale Center for the Study of American Politics (CSAP) and the Institution for Social and Policy Studies.  Each seminar features a presentation of current political science research by leading scholars in the field of American politics including distinguished faculty from other institutions, CSAP research fellows, ISPS Postdoctoral Associates, and Ph.D. candidates at Yale.

The workshop meets on most Wednesdays from 12:00-1:15 p.m. in Room A002 at ISPS, 77 Prospect Street. Lunch will be be provided. 

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Faculty organizers: Kevin DeLuca, Allison Harris, and Christina Kinane, Department of Political Science

Graduate Student Workshop Coordinator: Nicholas Ottone, PhD Candidate in Political Science

Seminar Coordinator and Contact: Pamela Greene

Spring 2024 Schedule 

date speaker & title
JAN 24* Jessica Trounstine, Professor of Political Science, Vanderbilt University
“Political Protection of Privilege”
JAN 31* Nicole Yadon, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Ohio State University
“The Politics of Skin Color: Reassessing the Relationship between African Americans’ Skin Tone and Political Views”
FEB 7* Sarah Frances Anzia, Associate Professor of Public Policy & Political Science, UC Berkeley
Civil Service Adoption in America: The Political Influence of City Employees
FEB 14* Brandice Canes-Wrone, Professor of Political Science, Stanford University
When Can Individual Partisanship be Tempered? Variation in Mass Behavior across the COVID-19 Pandemic
FEB 28* Amy Lerman, the Michelle Schwartz Endowed Professor of Public Policy & Political Science, UC Berkeley

Hannah Leszczynski, PhD Student in Political Science, Yale University
“To Comment or Not to Comment: Interest Group Incentives to Keep Quiet”

Amanda Weiss, PhD Candidate in Political Science, Yale University
“Beyond Retraumatization: Toward Trauma-Informed Politica Science”

MAR 27* Kiela Crabtree, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Emory University
“Racialized Mass Shootings and Attitudes toward Targeted Groups”
APR 3* Benjamin Hayman Schneer, Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
APR 10 * Sanford Gordon, Professor of Politics and Chair, New York University
“Local Response to Changes in Voting Rights Protections: Polling Place Closures Following Shelby County v. Holder” (joint with Dimitri Landa)
Joint workshop with the Leitner Political Economy Seminar
APR 24* William Howell, the Sydney Stein Professor in American Politics, University of Chicago
“Motivating Reasons to Run: How Opportunities to Govern Shape Citizens’ Interest in Elected Office”
MAY 1 Paul Lendway, PhD Candidate in Political Science, Yale University
“The Political Rhetoric of Christian Sermons across Traditions”

Natalie Hernandez and Nicholas Ottone, PhD Student/Candidate in Political Science, Yale University

Natalie Hernandez: “Abortion Policy in Focus: Understanding the Relationship Between State-Level Public Opinion and State Laws in the Post-Roe Era”

Nicholas Ottone: “Non-Profit Service Providers as Interest Groups on the Inside: A Case Study of New Haven”

*Indicates workshops that are open to scholars outside of Yale.  Please contact Pamela Greene to be added to our guest scholars email list.  (Graduate student workshops are internal and open to current members of the Yale community only.)

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