MacMillan-CSAP Workshop on Quantitative Research Methods

The Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for the International and Area Studies at Yale is partnering with the Yale Center for the Study of American Politics at ISPS to cosponsor a workshop focused on quantitative research methods. This workshop will feature cutting-edge research developing and employing quantitative methods in the social sciences. The workshop will host prominent and up-and-coming scholars in political science, who will present work on a range of topics, including experimental design, causal identification in observational studies, text analysis, and election forensics.

This workshop meets on selected Thursdays from 12:00-1:15 p.m. in Room A002 at ISPS, 77 Prospect StreetSIGN UP TO RECEIVE EMAIL ANNOUNCEMENTS

Faculty Organizers: Peter Aronow, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Biostatistics, and Alex Coppock, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Graduate Student Coordinator: Lilla Orr, Political Science

Coordinator & Contact for Guest Travel: Pamela Greene


SEP 8 Emily West, Ph.D. Candidate in Politics, New York University
“The Psychology of In-Group Voting”
*Cosponsored with the ISPS Experiments Workshop
SEP 15 Berk Özler, Senior Economist, World Bank Development Research Group
When the Money Runs Out: Do Cash Transfers Have Sustained Effects?
SEP 22 Amanda Kowalski, Associate Professor of Economics, Yale University
Doing More When You’re Running LATE: Applying Marginal Treatment Effects Methods to Examine Treatment Effect Heterogeneity in Experiments
(With Introductory Paper: “How to Examine External Validity Within an Experiment”)
SEP 29 Joel Middleton, Assistant Professor of Political Science, UC Berkeley
“Estimation Approaches for Rerandomized Designs”
OCT 6 Aislinn Bohren, Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Pennsylvania
Designing Experiments to Measure Spillover Effects
JAN 19 Jennifer L. Hill, NYU, CANCELED
FEB 2 Matthew Blackwell, Assistant Professor of Government, Harvard University
Instrumental Variable Methods for Conditional Effects and Causal Interaction in Voter Mobilization Experiments
FEB 9 Max Tabord-Meehan, Northwestern University, CANCELED
FEB 16 Glen Weyl, Senior Researcher, Microsoft Research New York City
Quadratic Voting as a Survey Tool
FEB 23 Winston Lin, Adjunct Associate Research Scholar Political Science, Columbia University
Agnostic Notes on Regression Adjustments to Experimental Data: Reexamining Freedman’s Critique“  (Links to: Related Blog Posts 1 and Related Blog Posts 2)
MAR 9 Laura Balzer, Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Biostatistics, Harvard University
“Targeted Learning in the SEARCH Trial and HIV Prevention in East Africa”
MAR 30 Jasmine McDonald, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, Columbia University
Can an old hypothesis explain a new trend? The case of hygiene hypothesis and pubertal timing
APR 6 Laura Paler, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Pittsburgh
“Does Cross-Cutting Discussion Reduce Support for Sectarian Politics? Experimental Evidence from Lebanon” (Research with Leslie Marshall & Sami Atallah)
APR 13

James Vreeland, Professor of International Relations, Georgetown University
“Economic Transparency and Political Stability”

This workshop series is being sponsored by the ISPS Center for the Study of American Politics and The Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale with support from the Edward J. and Dorothy Clarke Kempf Fund.