American Politics Graduate Student Workshop

The American Politics Graduate Student Workshop is supported by CSAP and provides a forum for Yale Ph.D. students focusing on American politics to present their work for peer review in an informal setting.

This lunchtime seminar series meets on selected Mondays from 12:00-1:00 p.m. in the ISPS Library/Room B217 at 77 Prospect Street.

To join the group and receive regular email announcements for this series, please contact the Graduate Student Organizer, Jennifer Wu.

Fall 2017 Schedule

SEP 11 Jerome Schafer, Political Science (6th Year)
“Self-Control in Political Behavior”
SEP 25 John Dearborn, Political Science (5th Year)
“Institutionalizing Presidential Representation in Economic Policymaking: The Reciprocal Trade Agreement Acts of 1934 and the Employment Act of 1946”
OCT 9 Matthew Denney, Political Science (2nd Year)
“Alexander Hamilton, Empire, and Slavery: An American Story”
OCT 16 Demar Lewis, Sociology and African American Studies (1st year)
“Punitiveness, Policing, and Mass Incarceration: Revisiting Enns’ Analysis on the Role of Public Opinion in Influencing Changes in Incarceration”
OCT 23 Matthew Graham, Political Science (3rd Year)
“The Self Aware Public”
NOV 6 Kyle Peyton, Political Science (4th Year)
“Does Trust in Government Affect Preferences for Redistribution? Evidence from Five Survey Experiments”
NOV 13 Annabelle Hutchinson, Political Science (3rd Year)
DEC 4 Sophie Jacobson, Political Science, (4th Year)