CSAP American Politics Conference, June 10-11, 2019
ISPS, 77 Prospect Street, Room A002

This conference is by invitation only; please contact Pam Greene for more information.


Monday, June 10, 2019

Time conference activity
12:00pm Convening over Luncheon Buffet, ISPS Room A001
12:30pm Opening Remarks: Greg Huber, Yale University

Paper 1: Sharece Thrower, Vanderbilt University
“Presidential Decision-making and the Political Costs of Unilareral Policy Revision”

Discussant: Zachary F. Peskowitz, Emory University

1:45pm Break, Room A001

Paper 2: Seth Hill, University of California, San Diego
“A Theory of Issue Intensity, Electoral Competition, and Costly Political Action”

Discussant: Michael C. Herron, Dartmouth College

3:15pm Break, Room A001
3:35pm Introduction to Postdoc & Graduate Student Poster Session

Paper 3: Hye Young You, New York University
“Dynamic Lobbying: Evidence from Foreign Lobbying in the US Congress”

Discussant: Mary Kroeger, University of Rochester

5:00pm Break/Hotel check-in for guests arriving on Monday
Guest accommodations at The Study at Yale Hotel, 1157 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT
6:00pm Cocktail Reception with Postdoc & Graduate Student Poster Session
The Gallery Room at The Study at Yale Hotel, 1157 Chapel Street
7:30pm Dinner for Faculty, Presenters, and Out-of-Town Guests
Harvest Wine Bar & Restaurant, 1104 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

time conference activity
8:00am Reconvene over Breakfast Buffet, ISPS Room A001

Paper 4: David Doherty, Loyola University Chicago, and Conor M. Dowling, The University of Mississippi
“The Primary Electorate and Party Polarization”

Discussant: Patricia A. Kirkland, Princeton University

9:30am Break, Room A001

Paper 5: Scott Ashworth, University of Chicago
“Sources of Women’s Underrepresentation in US Politics: A Model of Election Aversion and Voter Discrimination”

Discussant: Julia Payson, New York University

11:00am Break, Room A001

Paper 6: Samara Klar, University of Arizona
“Re-Evaluating Affective Polarization among Married Couples: How Changes in Gender Roles, not Partisan Biases, Leads to Homophilous Marriages”

Discussant: Neil Malhotra, Stanford Graduate School of Business

12:30pm Closing Remarks & Luncheon Buffet, ISPS Room A001
1:30pm Adjournment

2019 Postdoc & Graduate Student Poster Presentations:

Talbot M. Andrews, Stony Brook University
“Conditional on what? Disentangling Intention and Equity Motivations Behind Conditional Cooperation”

Jaclyn Kaslovsky, Harvard University
“Senators at Home: How District Attentiveness Exacerbates Polarization”

Chris McConnell, Stanford University Graduate School of Business
“The Burden of Office: How the Costs of Serving Impact Legislator Behavior”

Michael Olson, Harvard University
“ ‘Restoration’ and Representation: Legislative Consequences of Black Disfranchisement in the American South, 1879-1916”

Min Hee Seo, Washington University in St. Louis
“Examining How Municipal Governments Deliver Citizen-Requested Services Using a Field Experiment”

Andrew Thompson, Northwestern University
“Clear and Present Danger? How Group Threat Shapes Opinions and Perceptions”

Dan Thompson, Stanford University
“How Partisan is Local Law Enforcement? Evidence from Sheriff Cooperation with Immigration Authorities”