A Social Science Response to COVID-19: Research Opportunities for Yale Students to Help with the Public Health Crisis

COVID-19 Social Science Research Opportunities for Students
May 18, 2020

In the last five months, a novel coronavirus pandemic has created a public health crisis with enormous consequences for health, politics, and economics. It has created political and economic challenges in every country and raised important questions about how societies respond to the threat: how to design effective policy responses, the ethical questions of policy enforcement, measuring and mitigating the economic damage of lockdowns, how the crisis deepens existing inequality and social divides, designing effective public health messaging, and monitoring how government power and democratic norms are affected by a public health crisis.

As we face the next several months and possibly years of the pandemic’s damages and challenges, Yale’s faculty in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Division of Social Science, are pursuing research projects that tackle some of these issues.

On May 7, FAS, ISPS, and the Tobin Center hosted a Zoom meeting moderated by Alan Gerber, Dean of FAS and incoming Director of ISPS. The meeting, “COVID-19 Social Science Research Opportunities,” featured the work of five faculty members and called on Yale students interested in COVID-related social science questions to work with Yale professors on their research projects. Over 200 students, both graduate and undergraduate, attended the virtual meeting.  Read more at this link.