May 2020 News

republican elephant and democrat donkey turning away from each other on a US flag background

New study shows that political donors prize party loyalty, disfavor bipartisanship

May 26, 2020
Frequent campaign donors prefer congressional candidates who toe the party line to those who promote extreme views or make bipartisan appeals, according to a new study co-...
Alan Gerber, Dean of Social Science at Yale University

Yale leaders talk about COVID-19: FAS Dean of Social Science Alan Gerber

May 20, 2020
Alan S. Gerber, the FAS Dean of the Social Sciences Division at Yale University, recently sat down with YaleNews for an interview as part of the “Yale leaders talk about...
COVID-19 Social Science Research Opportunities for Students

A Social Science Response to COVID-19: Research Opportunities for Yale Students to Help with the Public Health Crisis

May 18, 2020
In the last five months, a novel coronavirus pandemic has created a public health crisis with enormous consequences for health, politics, and economics. It has created...
Joe Biden campaigning for President in 2020

Professor Jacob S. Hacker on "The Progressive Pursuit of a Bolder Biden"

May 13, 2020
Jacob S. Hacker, the Stanley Resor Professor of Political Science and Director of the Institution for Social and Policy Studies at Yale University, weighs in on the candidacy...