CSAP Sponsors a Judicial Politics Graduate Student Conference Organized by Assistant Professors Deborah Beim and Kelly Rader

July 8, 2016

The Center for the Study of American Politics is sponsoring a one-day conference for a select group of graduate students who study judicial politics.  The conference, scheduled for July 27 at the Yale Institution for Social and Policy Studies (ISPS), is being organized by Deborah Beim and Kelly Rader, Assistant Professors of Political Science and faculty affiliates of CSAP.

Beim and Rader were inspired by their own graduate student experience in developing the conference.  As graduate students at Princeton and Columbia, respectively, they found it enriching and helpful to know one another as they pursued their research interests in U.S. judicial politics.  They found that there was a benefit to knowing other students who are interested in similar questions, particularly at other schools who are receiving slightly different training and have a different perspective.

The goal of this conference is to invite graduate students from Yale and nearby institutions - Columbia, NYU, and Princeton - who study judicial politics but who do not know each other to come together to meet and to share their work.  Each of seven graduate students will give a one-hour presentation of a solo-authored working paper.  Their faculty advisors will also be invited to the conference.  By bringing judicial politics experts together to give early feedback on graduate student projects, Beim and Rader hope to improve the overall quality of the research while enriching the collegial experience of the participating students.

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock